Arudra Darshanam

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Arudra Darshanam also known as Tiruvadirai is celebrated in the month of Tamil month Margazhi (December - January) on full moon night of this month when the Tiruvadirai (Arudra) star rules over. This year Arudra Darshanam is on 23rd Decembr 2018

Thiruvathirai(Arudhra) in Tamil means "sacred big wave", using which this universe was created by Lord Shiva about 132 trillion years ago. Arudra is the star that symbolizes golden red flame, which is none else than Lord Shiva at his cosmic dance. The main highlight of this occasion is having the darshan of Shiva as Natraj, the god at his cosmic dance.

Thiruvadirai - Arudra Darsisanam is celebrated in a grand manner in 5 Sabhas of Sri Natarajar namely 1) Kanakasabha (Gold) - at Chidambaram (Thillai or Tillai), 2) Velli Sabhai (Silver) at Madurai, 3) Ratnasabha (Ruby) at Tiruvalankadu, 4) Tamrasabha (Copper) at Tirunelveli, 5) Chitrasabha (Pictures) at Kutralam. This is a festival celebrated with great fervour and celebrity in Chidambaram, a temple dedicated solely to Natraja in Tamilnadu. It is considered highly auspicious and beneficial to view the procession of Lord Natraja on this day. All day long, there are holy baths and pujas conducted in the temples and at the end of the day, a special dish known as Kali is distributed to devotees.

Lord Natraja stands in dancing posture with one leg lifted and the other one seated on the demon signifying ignorance. Thus he indicates mastery over ego, desires and evil. He holds all the five elements in him symbolized through Damaru (ether), flowing hair (air), Flame in hand (fire), Ganges (water) and rested foot (earth). Thus, the lord is the supreme head of the universal forces and he releases them to make the worlds during creation and takes them all inside during absorption.

Those who observe the fast and ritual associated with Arudra Darshan are blessed by the Lord and rewarded for their efforts. Visiting Shiva temples on this day is also highly meritorious and partaking of the special ‘Prasad’ known as ‘Kali’ is said to remove all afflictions.

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