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Gayathri Japam day is linked with Upakarma day and it is observed on the next of Shravani Upakarma day. The young students of Veda begin their learning with the ritual of Upakarma. The sacred thread is adorned with the chanting of Vedic Mantra on the auspicious day of  Shravana Purnima. The sacred thread is known as Yajnopavita  or Janeu or Jandhyam or the sacred thread. On the next day of Upakarma ritual, the wearer of the sacred thread repeats Gayatri Mantra several times preferably in the morning. This year Gayathri Japam day is on 16th August 2019 (Friday)

On the auspicious day of Gayathri Japam, also known as ‘Gayatri Japa Sankalpam’, the Sama Vedi, Rig and Yajur Brahmins chant the Gayatri mantra with utmost devotion and dedication. In the Southern states of India, this ritual forms a part of the Avani Avittam and Upakarma rituals.

The repeatedly chanting of Gayathri Mantra, usually 108 and 1008 times, is known as Gayatri Japam. Gayatri Japam is more popular is South Indian Brahmins. Gayathri Japam day is also known as Gayatri Pratipada or Gayatri Padyami in Andhra and Telangana regions

Rituals during Gayathri Japam:

  • Brahmins get up before sunrise and take an early bath on the day of Gayathri Japam. 
  • After finishing the initial puja rites, Brahmins chant the Gayatri Mantra for 108 or 1008 times continuously. The mode and sequence of performing this ritual majorly depends on the mutt affiliation. The Gayatri Japam ritual is performed during the morning and within the speculated time.
  • Not only Brahmins but any individual can perform the Gayatri Japam ritual. A Brahmachari (on who follows celibacy), a Grihastha (householder) or even one in ‘Vanaprastha’ (old age) can selflessly chant this mantra with a pure conscience.
  • Gayathri mantra is dedicated to Sun God. It is believed to be highly meritorious to chant Gayatri Mantra three times during the day, in the morning when the sun rises, at noon when Sun reaches its apex and in the evening when the Sun sets. Gayatri Mantra is one that unites the individual with the Supreme Power, the Almighty.

Significance of Gayathri Japam:

The supremacy of Gayatri Mantra is mentioned in several Hindu religious scriptures and puranas. The greatness of this mantra has been known since the Vedic times. This mantra is more powerful than any other mantras and forms the foundation for all other mantra in Hinduism. As per the legends, Gayatri is known to be the Supreme Goddess and is also referred as Mother Goddess. It is believed that a person who performs Gayatri Japam sincerely will be bestowed with all spiritual and worldly happiness. The power of Gayatri mantra is such that it frees the individual from all his/her sins, besides offering self purification.

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