Mahalaya Amavasya

Avail priest and purohits to perform Mahalaya Amavasya in Bangalore

Mahalaya Amavasya also popularly known as  “Sarva Pitru Amavasya" is the most important day during this period of Mahalaya Paksham or Pitru Paksha. This. year Mahalaya Amavasya is on 28th September 2019.  

It is believed that the Souls of our ancestors are closest to Mother Earth during these days. According to a boon by Lord Yama to Kunti Putra Karna, anyone who prays for the peace of one’s ancestors, perform shraddham and tarpanam in their name, donate food, do charity in their name, their ancestors shall be expiated of their karmas and shall eventually attain peace and salvation due to these acts of goodness done by their progeny.

Mahalaya Amavasya is the day to get the blessing from the ancestors. According to Hindu mythology in this day Lord Vishnu permitted the departed souls to visit earth. In sacred texts like Garud Purana or Agni Purana, a detailed version of soul’s journey is explained along with the remedial measures that the descendants can perform. By performing certain rituals and rites, they can cleanse the negative karmas of the Soul so that its further journey is less burdened and more peaceful. These remedies, when performed by the offspring, can also help the soul in attaining salvation. Our ancestors leave behind their good and bad karmas. We enjoy happiness, success, peace and prosperity because of their good karmas and face obstacles, hindrances and illness in life due to some of their bad karmas that keeps reflecting in our life.  When we perform rituals for their peace, they bless us in return as we have helped them in releasing their negative karmic ties.

Normally, the shraddh or other rituals are performed in the name of a particular ancestor on the Tithi when he or she left the physical body. But at times one is not aware of the lunar dates on which the ancestors left their mortal body, in such cases Mahalaya Amavasya or Sarv Pitru Amavasya comes as a rescue. Mahalaya Amavasya is assigned as a day when prayers and rites can be performed for all the ancestors – male, female, children, childless ancestors or ancestors who have died sudden unnatural deaths. Those who missed the thithi and tarapanam of ancestors can give on this Mahalaya Amavasya day. It also helps to attain moksha for the departed soul and removes obstacles, sorrows, marriage delay problems in your life.  A place giving tarpanam have to take bath in the river /pond if not possible can take bath in houses and give tarpanam at the temple with the assistance of the priest.

On Mahalaya Amavasya perform Tarpanam or Pinda Dhanam or Pitru Shrardham at home or in Temple. Performing Mahalaya Amavasya Tarpanam in Rameswaram and Gaya is very sacred and powerful. If possible visit these places and perform Mahalaya Amavasya and be blessed by your ancestors.

Performing Tila homam on Mahalaya Amavasya is very powerful and can help a person get rid of Pirtru Dosha 

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