Swarna Gowri Vratha

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Swarna Gowri Vratha or Gowri Habba  is celebrated on Badrapada thrithiya a day before Ganesh Chaturthi.  It is usually observed by married women and is a significant festival in Karnataka. This year Swarna Gowri Vratha is on 1st September 2019. 

It is popularly known as Gowri Habba, a very significant festival in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. Gowri comes home like any married woman comes to her parents' house.. The next day Lord Ganesha, her son comes as if to take her back to Kailasa. The Swarna Gowri vratha is performed on the occasion to appease the goddess.

On this day, married women and young girls often buy new clothes and wear their traditional attire for the occasion. They make Arishinada Gowri (a idol of Gowri made of turmeric) for the Puja. People also buy beautifully painted and decorated clay idols of Goddess Gowri which is usualy borught along with Ganesha statues for the festival. 

A Mantapa is generally decorated with mango leaves and flowers. The Arishinada Gowri or Gowri Clay doll is decorated with vastra (16 alle gejje vastra), flower garlands. A Kalasha is decorated with turmeric and kumkum. The vessel filled with water has kumkum, turmeric, akshathe coin added to it.It is decorated with betel leaves. A coconut is smeared with turmeric and kumkum on the mouth of the pot. Puja starts with Ganesha Puja, Gowri ashtotra, narrate or read the story of Gowri, do the ‘Mangalrathri’ and take the blessings of goddess Gowri. Ladies get their ‘Gowri Dhaara’ (a sacred thread with 16 knots) tied to their right wrists, as blessings of Gowri 



At least 5 baginnas are prepared as part of the vratha. Each Bagina contains all the mangala dhravyas - a packet of turmeric, kumkum(vermilion), bangles, black beads known as karimani (used in the mangalsutra), a comb, a small mirror, bale bicchole, coconut, blouse piece, 5 types of fruits, 5 types of vegetables. Dhaanya (cereal)- rice, tur dal, green dal, wheat or rava and jaggery cut in a cube form. 

The baginna is offered in a traditional mora (winnow painted with turmeric). One such bagina is offered to Goddess Gowri and set aside. The remaining Gowri baaginas are given to married women

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