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Vijayadashami also known as DasaraDusshera or Dussehra is a major  festival celebrated at the end of Navaratri every year. It is observed on the tenth day of Navaratri. This year Vijayadashami is on 8thOctober 2019. Vijayadashami marks the end of Durga Puja

In most of northern and western India, Dasha-Hara (literally, "ten days") is celebrated in honour of Rama. Thousands of drama-dance-music plays based on the Ramayana and Ramcharitmanas. The effigies of Ravana. Kumbakarna an Indrajit are burnt on bonfires in the evening of Vijayadashami-Dussehra. In Maharashtra, the deities installed on the first day of Navratri are immersed in water. Observers visit each other and exchange sweets. In Gujarat, both goddess Durga and god Rama are revered for their victory over evil. Fasting and prayers at temples are common. A regional dance called Dandiya Raas, that deploys colorfully decorated sticks, and Garba that is dancing in traditional dress is a part of the festivities through the night

In Southern India Vijayadashami Celebrations range from worshipping Durga, lighting up temples and major forts such as at Mysore. Another significant and notable tradition of several South Indian regions has been the dedication of this festival to Saraswati, the Hindu goddess of knowledge, learning, music and arts. She is worshipped, along with instruments of one's trade during this festival. In South India, people maintain, clean and worship their instruments, tools of work and implements of their livelihood during this festival, remembering Goddess Saraswati and Durga. Kids aged 3-4, who are new to school, are admitted to school on Viajayadasami Day.

Vijaya Dashami is considered auspicious to begin your learning. The traditional Vidyarambham ceremony observed mainly in Tamilnadu, Kerala and Karnataka introduces children formally to learning of music, dance, languages and other folk arts. Vidya means knowledge; arambham means beginning. The child is formally initiated into the process of learning by writing a mantra on rice or sand spread in a plate with the help of the father or any other elderly member of the family.

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